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School Campaign – Long Term Sustainability

Every penny of a donation made to the “Haiti Education Fund” will be applied directly to the construction and operation (year one) of the school Pastor Samuel is building in Torbeck, Haiti. This school will not only be self-sustaining, but it will generate enough net revenue to sustain the Glory Glory Center, the Communauté de Gloire, and a wide variety of other community development initiatives as well.

To donate, click here or click the button above.

Donations to the “Haiti Education Fund” are made through Mariners Church and are 100% tax deductible.

Sam’s Kids – Short Term Support

Since its inception in 2012, the Glory Glory Center has relied 100% on donations from Mariners Church. With each passing year, donations have declined. Today, we receive only 33% of what’s needed to cover the center’s operating cost. That’s why we need your support.

However, we expect this support to only be necessary for another 3 years. Why only 3 years? Because Mariners Church has been working closely with Pastor Samuel and his team to build a premier private school which is expected to generate enough funds (when completed) to fully sustain itself, the children’s forever home, the Communauté de Gloire church, and a host of local outreach initiatives. Phase I of this school (Collège Lumière) is expected to open in Fall 2019 for grades K-4. 

Click here to Support Sam’s Kids or click on the button above.

Donations to the “Haiti Child Support Fund” are made through Mariners Church and are 100% tax deductible.

Lend a Hand Up to Budding Entrepreneurs

The Haiti Sunrise Microfinance program was started in 2016 with an initial donation of $32,000 USD. To date, 300 participants have launched successful businesses and repaid their loans; 300 are in the process of building their businesses and repaying their loans; and 500 are awaiting their first business loan to get their business started. All of them have been vetted by Pastor Samuel and his staff and have completed the Sunrise Business Training program.

To invest in the futures of these budding entrepreneurs, click here or on the button above. 

For more information, contact Christine Shook or Peter Porter via email.

Donations to the “Haiti Microfinance Fund” are made through Mariners Church and are 100% tax deductible.