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Sam’s Kids

Girls Jumping Rope

The Children’s Forever Home

Located in Torbeck in Haiti’s Southern Department, the Glory Glory Center has become the heart of its small, rural community. Here, Pastor Samuel is raising more than 50 children who were orphaned in the 2010 earthquake that rocked Port-au-Prince. These kids aren’t up for adoption. They’re being raised to love God, value education, give back to their community, and become future leaders.

Built primarily with donations from Mariners Church, the Glory Glory Center consists of 4 dorms, 2 wells, a generator, kitchen and cafeteria. It’s also home to the Communauté de Gloire church, where each week 500 people come to worship. During the week, the church doubles as a medical clinic and community center. A nurse on staff cares for both the kids and the community. Activities taking place on site include sewing classes, tutoring, Kids’ Club, Bible studies, ISOM Bible College, and more.

In the midst of Hurricane Matthew, more than 50 neighbors sought shelter at the Glory Glory Center. Afterwards, the center became a hub for food and goods distribution, provided by the generosity of those who gave to Mariners’ Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund.

Sam’s Kids — Short-term Financial Support

Since its inception in 2012, the Glory Glory Center has relied almost solely on donations from Mariners Church. With each passing year, donations have declined. Today, we receive only 33% of what’s needed to cover the center’s operating cost. That’s why we need your support.

Support Sam’s Kids in 2 Simple Steps

Set Your Monthly Gift Amount: Gifts of $5 to $500 per month are welcome! If you’re unsure, we recommend $25 per month.

Support for Up to 3 Years: We hope you’ll commit to a minimum of one year, but there’s no penalty for stopping should your ability to give change. We expect the need to last only three years, as construction progresses on Collège Lumiere, the Haitian school which will ultimately fund the Glory Glory Center).

The Houses

The Wise

Younger Boys

These are the kids that keep Sam on his toes! Full of energy and mischievous to the core, the younger boys range in age from 5 to 12. They love to play marbles and soccer…and tease the younger girls! They can often be found chasing chickens or pestering the dogs. Yet, they also like hugs and cry when they get hurt. They’re not too old for hugs!


Friends of Joy

Younger Girls

Play, play, play…that’s what the little girls do. Marbles, jump rope, hopscotch and hand games. Ranging in age from 7 to 12, they love to sing songs and dance. Their smiles and giggles are infectious, yet they can display some attitude too. They watch the older girls closely and look forward to getting to do “big girl” things some day. Until then, they play…and study. They know school is important.


Bright Star

Older Girls

Sam has his hands full with this house full of teenage girls! Ranging in age from 13 to 19, the older girls are a huge help around the center. They assist in food preparation, washing, and caring for the younger ones. Some are very good in school. Others are planning to study hospitality or sewing. They spend hours braiding each other’s hair. When they can, they love to watch movies and music videos on TV.


Friends of Peace

Older Boys

Ranging in age from 13 to 18, these boys are “cool”. They don’t really like having their pictures taken. They’re competitive in school and on the soccer field. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, they helped Pastor Samuel distribute food and building supplies from the back of Sam’s pickup truck. In their spare time, they love listening to music and yearn for their own cell phones.