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Collège Lumiere (School of Light)

College St. Jean

We encourage you to download both the Haiti School Strategic Plan and Haiti School Budget for the most complete explanation of the private school initiative. For a brief summary, please read below. Best yet, to hear about the project in Pastor Samuel’s own words, watch this 10-minute video.

A Private School in Torbeck, Haiti

When Pastor Samuel approached the Haiti Ministry with the idea of building a private, for-profit school which would generate enough income to cover the Glory Glory Center’s annual operating budget, we were a little shocked. “That’s going to take a lot of money!” was our initial response, and we weren’t sure that our ministry was prepared to raise those kinds of funds. But Samuel’s passion, his team’s experience and expertise, the community’s need, our own two-months spent in Haiti, and the budget numbers themselves changed our minds.

Today, we are excited to be raising the capital investment for this school that is going to provide 1,000 kids (including Pastor Samuel’s 52+) with an exceptional education, employ more than 50 local residents per year, and generate enough annual net revenue to not only financially sustain the orphanage, but the church on-site and a wide variety of other ongoing community outreach initiatives as well.

But perhaps most importantly, Pastor Samuel and his team—once the school becomes profitable-—have committed “investing” a portion of the revenue into a “holding account” (managed by Communauté de Gloire, Haiti) that will then be available to fund future capital projects like this one. This “capital payback program” will ensure that the funds raised to build the school will be redeployed time and time again, without the need for future fundraising. Now that’s sustainability.