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Posted by on Oct 15, 2020 in Community of Southern Haiti, Haiti Ministry, Hurricane 2016

From the Rubble a New Church Rises…Again!

Approximately an hour’s drive from the Glory Glory Center is the town of Rosier. It’s a rural town in the hills overlooking the western coast of Haiti. It’s a town we visit frequently on our visits, as that’s where Pastor Samuel’s cousin Pastor Daniel leads a church. The church at Rosier has welcomed Mariners teams with open arms, and we consider their congregation our second Haiti church family. Which is why it was so devastating to learn, back in October 2016, that the church building we were helping them to construct to replace their tiny shelter was reduced to rubble by Hurricane Matthew.

The church, which had been adopted by the Men’s Ministry at Mariners Church, was just weeks away from dedication when the devastating hurricane roared through. But, though it came as a blow to the congregation, it didn’t stop them from worshipping their God. From the debris, they gathered enough building material to rebuild their original tiny church, and crowds continued to gather outside every Sunday when the space inside was full.

In September 2019, Mariners’ new senior pastor, Eric Geiger, visited Daniel’s church in Rosier, and he was touched by the people’s generosity and amazed by their perseverance and their commitment to the Lord. Then and there, he committed to helping them rebuild the church once again. Though rebuilding has been slowed dramatically by Covid (which shut down much of the country for months), it continues today, and we have photos to show you. At this rate, we’re confident the people of Rosier will have their church back in no time!

The people of Rosier don’t have much in the way of materials possessions. But they grow the most amazing fruits and vegetables, with which they honored us when we visited their church in September 2019. To our kids, the sugarcane was the definite favorite!

The former church at Rosier, just weeks away from its dedication, was reduced to rubble following Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

For several years following the hurricane, hundreds of worshippers came to this little church every Sunday, built with the debris they could scavenge from the previous church.

As of October 2020, the facade of the new church has been rebuilt, and it looks beautiful! The new church will provide an indoor gathering place for the hundreds who currently spill out onto the grass each Sunday, rain or shine.