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Posted by on Oct 1, 2020 in Church ~ Communauté de Gloire, Faith Adventures, Haiti Ministry, Kids at the Glory Glory Center

Our First Faith Adventure with Families!

It’s hard to believe that our last trip to Haiti was in September 2019. We snuck in with the largest team we’ve ever taken for one week between Hurricane Dorian and a nationwide shutdown due to a fuel shortage and political unrest. Regrettably, we haven’t been back since, primarily due to the Covid pandemic.

That trip in 2019 was a truly special one. It was the first time we took families with us! Our group ranged in age from 7 to 63. That diversity led to some really great observations and questions, which made for though-provoking evening debriefs (always a highlight of or faith adventures).

Included in the group was Eric Geiger, the new senior pastor at Mariners Church, who had never been to Haiti before, and who chose Haiti as his first global partner visit. And while we typically don’t set a concrete agenda for our visits, this time we had three very specific “purposes” for the trip:

  1. We made sure sure Pastor Geiger got to spend quality time with Pastor Samuel’s leadership team, got visited all of the different ministries Sam and his team oversee (which span miles and moutains!), and got to enjoy enjoy plenty of down time with the 50+ kids at the Glory Glory Center. Wait! Did I say “down time” … with 50+ kids … just kidding!!
  2. We installed and dedicated the kindergarten playground (see video) at Collège Lumière, in partnership with Kids Around the World. This was an all-day, three-day event for three of our guys, who worked hand in hand with a local crew under the direction of Kids Around the World’s installer, who came with us to Haiti as part of our team.
  3. We shot the third in our series of videos on the Collège Lumière project, all in preparation for a full-scale documentary on the project. This is something we’ve been working on since September 2016, when we first put together the business plan for the school that will ultimately render the Glory Glory Center financially self-sustaining. You can view all the videos — 1, 2, and 3 — here.

Whew! It was a lot, and had people spread out all over the place, which also contributed to some really exciting end-of-the-day conversations.

In addition to all that, we visited Pastor Daniel’s church in Rosier, which touched at the hearts of everyone in our group. To read more about that, click here.

But perhaps, what I will remember most, is our picnic in the Garden of Eden (seriously! that’s its name) with our entire team and the entire leadership team from Pastor Samuel’s and Pastor Aunald’s (Ronald’s) Communauté de Gloire church. Though it was about 1,000 degrees outside (at least, that’s what it seemed!), it didn’t stop us from playing soccer, face painting, and sharing a meal of fried chicken, pikliz (spicy coleslaw), and plaintains.

Haiti, we miss you! Friends, we miss you even more!! We can’t wait until we see you again.