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Posted by on Dec 17, 2018 in Community of Southern Haiti, Faith Adventures, Haiti Ministry, Hurricane 2016

There Are Crops Again in the Mountains

Beans cover this farmer’s land high the mountains of southern Haiti.

Back in January 2018, a group of men from Mariners Church went to Haiti to talk sustainability with Pastor Sam.

Because the team was small, they had the opportunity to travel up into the mountains into several communities accessible only by moto or four-wheel drives. In such areas, our bus can’t travel, since most of these mountain “roads” are little more than donkey and foot trails, often deeply pitted by rivulets created by rain.

The mountain communities the men visited had been absolutely devastated by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. The hurricane destroyed all their crops, and they had no seed to plant in time for the next harvest. For 16 months, they’d been getting by on barely any food; without crops to sell, the farmers had no way to earn any money.

Even so, when the men arrived, the community greeted them with what little food they had and insisted we share it with them—a hallmark of Haitian hospitality and generosity. No matter how little they have, Haitians almost always share it with visitors, even if doing so means they will likely have nothing tomorrow. According to Dave Watkins, “Our group was overcome by this gesture. Many of us kept our sunglasses on because it was “dusty”, which is “code” for grown men crying, and made a promise to ourselves to help.”

When the group returned home, Eric Heard and Ash Narayan took the lead, and through a generous donation, were able to purchase a huge seed store, which allowed Pastor Samuel to distribute the seed to the mountain communities. Enough seed was provided to plant for that growing season and many more to come.

“I have no doubt this generous donation saved lives,” Dave said, when he sent the following photos to the men, showing them the most recent crops in all their glory. “God provides!”

Corn planted with the seed donated by Mariners Church. The ferocity of Hurricane Matthew’s winds toppled many trees and broke others clean in half.