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Posted by on Dec 5, 2017 in Church ~ Communauté de Gloire, Haiti Ministry

Condolences to the Metelus Family

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Pastor Joseph Metelus. Pastor Joseph died unexpectedly at his home Monday morning, December 4th.

Pastor Joseph served as the Church of God by Faith’s senior pastor in Carrefour, Haiti, for decades, growing it into a network of 24 churches stretching from Port-au-Prince to the far southwestern tip of the country.

We first met Pastor Joseph in January 2010 following the devastating earthquake that destroyed his church in Carrefour. At the time, he was providing aid to more than 300 families in the community who had lost their homes and were living in a tent city that spontaneously developed on the church site. The tent city remained for 18 months, during which time Mariners Church entered into a covenant relationship with Pastor Joseph and his son Samuel to walk together in ministry.

While Pastor Joseph continued to lead the Church of God by Faith network from his home in Carrefour, his son Pastor Samuel moved to Torbeck in Southern Haiti in 2012 to build and run the Glory Glory Center. Though most of our ministry efforts have been in partnership with Pastor Samuel since then, we continued to visit Pastor Joseph regularly and consider him a dear friend and partner whose loss is heartbreaking.

Please pray for Pastor Samuel, his mother Yva Clerveau, and the entire Metelus family.

Update: On December 16th, Dave Watkins (volunteer Leader of the Haiti Ministry) and Pastor Daniel Nunez  (Mariners global church partner in Mexico) attended the first of two services for Pastor Joseph. This service took place in Joseph’s own Church of God by Faith in Carrefour. It was followed by a second service and burial in southern Haiti.

Here’s what Dave wrote about the experience: “Pastor Daniel and I witnessed something which was truly amazing and at the same time, profoundly sad. The thousands of people who showed up to pay their respects to Pastor Joseph speaks volumes about his stewardship of his congregation, his outreach into 24 Haitian communities through church plants, his love for his people, and his resolve to shape a better Haiti. His legacy will live on through Sam and the amazing group of leaders Joseph raised up over the years. The four hour service consisted of tributes from various church elders, as well as worship songs sung by multiple choirs and individuals. Perhaps the most poignant moment was when our beloved friend Pastor Samuel gathered with his 11 brothers and sisters on stage to sing a final song to the the man they loved so very much, their father. Heartbreaking to watch, but amazing to witness.”