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Posted by on Feb 19, 2016 in Kids at the Glory Glory Center

Glory Glory Center Spotlight: Rivaldo Saintcyr

If you’ve been to the Glory Glory Center then you know it’s not just any old orphanage with 4 walls and a few beds, but a place that feels like home to the kids and staff who live there, not to mention the many visitors they welcome each year. With so many talented, loving, and driven individuals at the GGC, we’ve committed to highlighting as many of these people as possible in the coming months. As we introduce you to the people who make the GGC what it is, we ask that you pray for each person-for their hopes and dreams, their future, calling, and for the Lord to use them (and their story) in mighty ways.

This month we’re introducing you to Rivaldo Saintcyr, the 2nd oldest boy at the GGC. We mentioned him in our story about the soccer match between the Men of Mariners and the boys of the GGC, but here is a little more from Rivaldo himself and what makes him the soccer loving leader that he is!

Rivaldo Saintcyr, 2nd Oldest Boy at GGC, 16 y/o

What it is like to have so many brothers and sisters? I feel good and happy about it. Sometimes I play with them – go to school with them and stay in the same place with them. I play games with my brothers and sisters.

What is challenging about having so many brothers and sisters? Nothing – I love it.

Tell me about living in Tiverny? I feel good because the first area I lived was not good – I feel free here – comfortable here – because I have meals, I sleep well – easy. Yes it’s calm. Life prior to Tiverny in Port Allez (sp?) the house was not good. It was not safe – threats from other bigger kids. Not enough food.

What do you like about your school? I like my school a lot. When I am done with school I want to be a Doctor.

Why do you want to be a Doctor? Because I like taking care of others when they are sick. I want to study medicine in the USA.

Are you doing well in school? Yes, favorite subject is math and science. Passionate about football (soccer). Playing 2 hours a day.

Do you hope to play for college? Yes, because I used to play for my other school on the team.

What is something you have learned living with so many brothers and sisters you didn’t know before? I learned not to be stingy – to share – and to get along with one another. Pastor Sam teaches us this. Not to fight; share our clothes; become more happy.

What are you hopes for 2016? To stay good and happy with brothers and sisters.

What is your favorite things about glory glory center? The way they are with us. Because the nannies take care of them well.

What is something the nannies do well in taking care of you? They wash for us – the clean our bedroom – cook for us. They care for us.

Is there anything you want to say? In my life my mother passed away when I was 1 y/o. When I was 3 y/o I went to my godmother’s place. The pastor’s mother took him from his godmothers’. Samuel’s mother asked him to bring me to the Glory Glory Center.

As a 16 y/o are you asked to help out with the younger ones? Yes, sometimes I help pump the water for the little ones. I help tutor for homework lessons.

Do you like to be a model for the kids? Yes.

What it is like to have Pastor Samuel trust you with helping the kids? I feel good about it when Pastor Sam was talking to me about helping – I feel proud to have that responsibility.

Do you like having responsibility and what does that look like to you? I would like to be like the nannies – to the boys.

What is next for you after school? I would like to go to the university to be a doctor.

Are you ready to have 8 years of school to become a doctor? Oui!

What are you dreams for the younger kids? I would like that one day that they go to high school so they can learn something.