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Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Faith Adventures, Kids at the Glory Glory Center

Student Recap: In His Perfect Timing

Earlier this summer Mariners Church sent a group of just over 20 high school and college-aged students on a faith adventure to Haiti.  Eager to see how God would use them to minister to the people of Haiti, the students were surprised to find out what God had in store for them. Below is just one story of how God moved in the lives of these students.

>>Originally posted 6/30/2015 while students were in Haiti<<

Talia Teltscher at the Glory Glory Center in Haiti, June 2015

Dear friends and family!

The past five days went by so fast it’s crazy to think we have only three more days left in this beautiful place. Although I love it here more and more everyday, I look forward to coming home and sharing my experiences and memories with the people I love.

When people describe me as a person, I am commonly described as fearful. When I found out I would be going to Haiti, I was in disbelief. I strongly dislike traveling and leaving my Irvine bubble, however I knew God called me to be on this trip. Two years ago at a church service the pastor said, “The scariest prayer to pray is to ask God to use you.” Ever since that Sunday I had constantly prayed for God to “use me,” however not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

Our first day of VBS was really difficult for me. It was hard for me to connect with the kids and I felt awkward and uncomfortable. Since we speak different languages, I didn’t know how to communicate. I consider myself a chatterbox because I love to talk, however I was faced with the challenge of communicating without using words. I can confidently say God works in every individual’s life. It doesn’t take months or years, but in my life a matter of 5 days.

I have grown immensely in these past few days. Although this morning started off rough due to my lack of sleep, I took a nice nap in the bus and was ready for the day. Since this is our second day back with the kids at Glory Glory Orphanage, I got to see familiar faces. The theater group started us off with a puppet show of “David and Goliath,” and then the craft group taught us how to make bracelets and necklaces. My favorite part of the days was after lunch when I got to play sports. Since I play soccer at home and soccer is a big sport here in Haiti, it was easier for me to connect with some of the kids. I made a connection with one of the boys, who will now always have a place in my heart. I got to play tag with him and we have our own handshake. Since we speak different languages I began finding new ways to connect with the kids, like dancing and playing hand games. How many people can say they brought the “macarana” and “patty cake” to Haiti? Even though we are all worn out towards the end of the day, we manage to make the most of everything. One of the college students on our trip brought out a guitar from the church and began singing. We all surrounded him and sang worship songs. We were all holding the kids singing in English while the kids were singing in Creole. It was a beautiful image seeing all of God’s children worshiping Him in different languages.

Although we are the ones who should be giving off our love, all the kids reciprocate with so much love, too, that it’s overwhelming and beautiful. Little do they know they are impacting our lives, as well. Overall, today was such a fun day reconnecting with the kids we made relationships with on Sunday.

In only five days I have learned so much about myself. I notice how much listening to other peoples’ stories impacts me and that God works through me best when I least expect it. We are all growing individually and as a team and I am excited to see our love for God impact lives at home. I am thankful for my team and for being given this opportunity to share God’s love with a beautiful country packed with beautiful people. This is a memory that I will hold onto forever and will never be forgotten. God is using me to change lives. God is powerful and God is good.

Talia Teltscher

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