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Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Kids at the Glory Glory Center, Ministry Partners

Evolution Haiti Visits Pastor Samuel at the Glory Glory Center

Two years ago, a group of Mariners volunteers created a non-profit called Evolution Haiti (EH). One of EH’s goals is to provide the 52 children at the Glory Glory Center with consistent, quality medical and dental care. EH also secured funding for the construction of a medical clinic at the site, which opened in the fall of 2014. This past June, a team from Evolution Haiti visited Pastor Samuel and the Glory Glory Center for the first time since the clinic was built. Following is a first-hand report of their team’s experience, written by Lynda McGraw, current Evolution Haiti board member and co-founder of the Mariners Haiti Ministry Team.


Evolution Haiti Team, June 2015

Dear Mariners Friends,

As you know, our team from Evolution Haiti returned last week from our first trip to the Glory Glory Center (GGC). I am writing to share a little about our trip and how our awesome God showed up in so many ways.

First I just want to say how beautiful it is to see how God is using both the Mariners Haiti and the Evolution Haiti teams, working side by side for the community that is growing around GGC. So much praise!

For me, the most special part of arriving at GGC was being greeted by all 52 of the children. It was my first time seeing all 52 of them together in their new home. And to see the new dorms, medical clinic and, of course, the Taj Ma [Chicken] Coop…wow!!

We had 11 kids on our team ranging in age from 7-18 years old, and boy (!) did this trip have an impact on all of them. To me they were the heroes of the trip. They didn’t hesitate one bit to jump in anywhere. They played soccer, basketball, tag, flew kites, painted nails, braided hair, danced, sang, worked the pharmacy table at the medical clinic in Rosier and—my favorite—comforted and loved on the GGC kids. The Evolution Haiti and GGC kids teamed up, holding hands and comforting other kids whose teeth were cleaned, cavities drilled and filled, and fluoride applied. I was so impressed with how the Evolution Haiti kids handled every aspect of the trip, from beginning to end, and would happily be a part of another team with kids as members.

Dr. Aaron Kelsey was able to meet with a local dentist who works down the road from GGC, and he had him come to the clinic so that he could mentor him. Aaron had him work on some of the GGC kids and is completely comfortable with him stepping in to help if any of the kids have a dental emergency…another blessing!

Dr. Ed Geehr was able to do well-checks on some the children he has been concerned about. He and GGC’s nurse Michaela are a great team working for the benefit of the 52 kids. What a blessing that God sent Michaela to work with our [American medical team] in February 2014, so that she and Dr. Ed could meet and [so he could ultimately hire her to manage the clinic at GGC]. In addition to seeing the children, Dr. Ed also conducted a small medical clinic in the village of Rosier and was able to treat and comfort the patients he saw there.

I love how God is using GGC to serve the local community, to see the neighbors gathering on Sunday morning, most of them with Bibles in their hands from Darrin Flamma’s ThirtyFive2 ministry…beautiful! They have a place to go and hear Pastor Sam’s or Pastor Ronald’s message and to be filled with God’s word and love! The week were were there, Pastor Sam spoke on humility and thinking of others, referencing Phil 2:3&4 and 1 Peter 5:6…a beautiful lesson for us all.

Not only are they hearing God’s word, but they are seeing it in action as well. Every afternoon we were there, a group of 20-25 people would gather under a tree in the yard and were being taught a trade, this group was learning tile setting. They ended every session with 10 minutes of worship…what a beautiful backdrop to everything that was going on around them.

Some of the GGC kids were able to share their stories, how they came to be there, what Pastor Sam means to them and what they want to study for their career. So many of them want to be doctors, nurses, builders and architects. It’s beautiful to know that these children will now have the chance to achieve their dreams and be the next generation to start some change in Haiti! God is good!

When Pastor Sam was interviewed for the documentary, he was asked how the kids knew of these professions. His answer? Because the kids have seen first hand what these professions are through God’s love and the Mariners teams coming and serving. Wow, that is a huge impact!

Another beautiful thing was to see the new church rising up in the village of Rosier. It’s so great to know that Eric Heard and the Mariners Men’s Ministry are walking through this with Pastor Daniel. They still have a way to go on the construction, but just thinking about how this new place of worship is going to fill up every Sunday with people seeking God’s word fills my heart with joy. Personally I can’t wait to be a part of one of those Sundays!

I think every time I travel to Haiti it gets harder to leave. We are in such a wonderful, beautiful, God-filled relationship there, it is pretty emotional to say good bye.

I am so excited to see how God is going to continue using both the Mariners and Evolution Haiti teams to do His work in the coming years!!

Blessings, Lynda McGraw

Please visit to learn more about this non-profit, dedicated to helping the 52 children of the Glory Glory Center.