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Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Day 3 (#2) – Stepping Out in Faith

Dear friends and family,

Paradoxically it feels as if we just arrived in Haiti, and as though we have been here for a long duration of time. It’s hard to put into words how being a part of this community becomes a part of you. I know the other members on my team feel this way too, and many are already calling Haiti their second home. The Haitian culture and people are so warm and welcoming–it is overwhelming and humbling. Whether seen through being kissed by the women and children attending Pastor Sam’s church service or being waved to by strangers on the street as we drive by, the Haitian people show an inexplicable amount of love. You cannot come here and have the experiences we have had and NOT lose your heart to Haiti.

Noah already spoke about the aspect of the day that involved playing and loving on the kids at the church today, so I am going to describe another important aspect of this trip. We run VBS in the mornings, but in the afternoons we do what we call “street evangelism.” Basically, our team splits into three groups, and each group (with a translator) walks through villages stopping at every house we find, and asking to talk to people. The members of each group take turns speaking in each house. This has been a blessing and wonderful learning opportunity for everyone on this missions trip. We are able to experience stepping out in our own faith and spreading God’s message. We generally begin by explaining why we are in Haiti, our desire to spread God’s love, and ask the person we are talking to about their life and their story. We then ask if they have a relationship with God. We have heard all sorts of different responses to this question, and every member’s experience with evangelism is different. I will go into detail about some of my personal experiences with evangelism.

Every person I spoke to said they did have a relationship with the Lord. I asked them how they have seen God work in their life. Then, I explained how God has worked in my life. Today I spoke with a woman named Sister Benet. She explained that she sees God work in her life when she clings to him in times of despair. Here is this woman that is from a different culture and country, who speaks a different language, and has an entirely different life story than me. Yet, I relate to her relationship with God. I fell away from my faith during a dark time in my life. I renewed my faith when I turned my heart to Him and allowed Him to make me strong through my own weakness. I am so humbled to see how the body of Christ works around the world, and to see that while we are all different, God remains the same. We all love and serve the same God. After sharing our stories, we ask to pray for the person we are talking to, and take prayer requests. Our first day of evangelizing, a woman I prayed for got on her hands and knees as I prayed for her. I had never prayed aloud over someone before, and this woman felt so moved by my words to get on her hands and knees to praise the Lord. I hugged and thanked her after I finished, and walked away from her house with tears streaming down my face.

I came on this trip with the mindset that I was coming to teach others about the Lord. I have been both humbled and grateful to learn from every person I have had contact with. My teammates, the children we have met, and the adults we had the opportunity to share our faith with have all inspired me. I feel myself growing and building a stronger relationship with the Lord every day. I hope and pray that I am too able to teach others something about my own relationship with God.

A man we met today said it best: “Some things are impossible for others, but they are possible for me with God.” We can’t wait to be back in Irvine and share all of our wonderful stories and experiences with you all. We are all safe and sound, and growing and walking with the Lord throughout this adventure. Please continue to pray for us, and the people we are meeting! Sending love and hugs from every student here!

Danielle Lauber