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Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Day 3 (#1) – Fearless Love


Dear Family & Friends,

Today in the humbling and breath taking country of Haiti, the phenomenal team and myself had the privilege to spend time with these beautiful children. I am a part of the crafts team and we colored, as well as, made and then exchanged bracelets bringing overflowing joy and love in my heart. It is a constantly humbling yet loving experience to see these joyous kids who have so little yet fail to not have the biggest smiles and heart melting laughs with simple piggy back rides or jumping rope with one another. The love expressed in the littlest ways sincerely has had the most impactful and insightful thoughts in my heart and amongst the rest of the caring team.

It has merely been three days and already the connections made not only with the beautiful kids but also the team has made me become much stronger in my faith with God and has helped me immensely in sharing and experiencing the love of the Lord through this mission trip. I have fallen in love with the idea that someone with such a polar opposite ethnicity/nationality can connect on such a personal and emotional deep level despite the difficult language barrier because of our God and the Holy Spirit.

My mom has always told me actions speak louder than words and that is so applicable to this trip where we are communicating through smiles and laughter as well as playing charades, to talk to these selfless kids who want to be loved more than anything in the world. I sincerely believe that this trip has already been the greatest thing in my life and I hope that when the team and myself return home we will be able to apply this God-given love to people in need and truly be a light in the community being fearless in faith.

Much love mom and pops tell Bella I miss her and to all the other parents of these amazing teenage and young adults, I am so impressed with how much love and morals you have instilled in your kids they are truly inspiring and miss you tons!

Noah Segovia