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Posted by on May 16, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Spring FA 2015 – Day 7 – Anchored in Love

In my last personal email to my supporters, I mentioned it takes a village to raise a child. At that time, I only saw what I (and my support raising) could do for the team. After this week, I now see it takes more than a village, it takes an entire country of willing hearts to fulfill the beautiful story that God has already scripted.

I’m in awe of Pastor Sam’s dedication and purpose is to raise 52 orphans in addition, speak to the younger generation in the community to better the future of Haiti. With so many moving parts that takes into play, our team of 11 come prepared with our supplies and teaching materials while Pastor Sam’s team of translators, security crew and speakers unify us as one.

The entire week had so many acts of divine appointments and a recognition of spiritual gifts that surfaced that we might of been unaware of as a result of God stretching us, that today was a nice way to finish the week beautifully with baptisms. While a few of us were going to rededicate our lives, the Lord wanted all of us to be renewed together as one as the showers of rain washed over us all. The most supernatural thing that we got to experience was when we prayed over Alycia and Alan for the Lord to help them start a family, the rain came down more.


I found such a peace and steadiness to wake up here everyday ready to serve the Lord and the verse “Do not worry for the plans I have for you” resonated in my soul. For every meal was prepared, our rooms were ready for rest and regardless of the plumbing situation, God still provided and protected us. Immersing myself into this faith adventure made me forget this moment in time who I identified myself as a mom, friend, or a co-worker back home in California. It’s not that I forgot who I was, but I remembered fully who I am in Christ which is an ambassador who follows Jesus. I imagine that this is like heaven on earth selflessly serving.

“So how do I go back to my busy life after such a profound experience?” I asked God. His answer to me was “Seek me first in all that you do, just as you’ve done here and everything else will follow.”

Tonight on our last debrief of the evening, we had chosen a word that best described our experience and we were to write that on a rock. What we found is that we were: Renewed, Surrendered, Trust, Love, Anchored, Story, Grateful, Fearless, Reset, Vision, Calling.

As we trek home back to you with full appreciation for electricity and paved roads, we are so eager to share stories of how God changed our lives. We leave this country interwoven forever in each other remembering we brought our open hearts to Haiti, as our Haitian brothers and sisters filled us with the lesson of love in return.

Authored by May with love from the entire team.