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Posted by on May 14, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Spring 2015 FA – Day 6 – Town by the Sea

As our trip is coming to an end, and we enjoyed our last day in the community of St. Jean du Sud, we are reminded once again that TIH (this is Haiti), and nothing is predictable, but God has it all in the palm of his hand.

Our day began with a dead battery in our bus, but since it’s BHT (build Haiti tough), we were on the road again in no time. It was a long bumpy ride, but as we saw glimpses of the ocean along the way and children waving from their front yards, it was all worth it.

St. Jean du Sud was beautiful and much more rural than the other villages we have visited. Our group took a walk through town and ended up at the beach. As we watched fishermen clean and repair their nets on the shore before heading out in their boats, I was reminded of the first time Jesus met his disciples Peter and his brother doing this same, everyday task and how it must have felt to be them as He asked for them to drop everything and follow Him. For me it truly brought the Bible to life, and it was a beautiful reminder of His love.

Later this afternoon Alan and I had the opportunity to share our story and our heart for serving with the high school students attending the conference. After a little kicking and screaming, I accepted the fact that God had called me to the challenge of public speaking… and if He has called me, He would equip me…and He did. I survived the experience without a single panic attack or fainting…thank you God!


Alan shared how he had Leukemia and how God has used his story to help others and how, through our relationship, he has found God, a church and his giant heart for service. He almost cried but managed to hold it together, and the girls applauded at his willingness to serve me in our marriage, a rare but beautiful example for them.

I shared how we serve our church together on the Mainers safety team and our calling to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in Haiti in honor of how God has blessed us.
We had just enough time to stop by the Glory Glory Center one last time to tell a Bible story, play with sidewalk chalk and say “Au revoir!” to the children. It was hard to say goodbye and we would have brought a few home in our luggage if we could.

Tomorrow we will rededicate our marriage and our hearts to God as we are baptized off the shore of Haiti surrounded by the beauty of this place and the love of our new family.

Haiti will forever have our hearts xo
Alycia De Lucio