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Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Spring 2015 FA – Day 5 – Street Evangelism

Another day has flown by here in Haiti! And it has been my favorite so far! We returned to the same church we visited yesterday, with new speakers and fresh ideas for how to reach the people within the surrounding community. It is so apparent that God is with us in this place. He has guided our path every step of the way, even when we have had to change our plans at the last minute!

StreetEvangelismIn the morning we set out to walk through the town to meet the people. “Street evangelism” as our translator Elsie called it. We split into two groups, each equipped with one local person and one interpreter. Not knowing what to expect, what to do, or how we would be received, we all boldly stepped out in faith to go and love on the community. As soon as we started down the street and up to the homes, we were met with warm welcomes and friendly smiles as we introduced ourselves and asked if there were any specific requests for things we could pray over. Everyone we met seemed so appreciative of us and was open to the notion. As we continued, we quickly went “off roading” and deep into the lush vegetation on footpaths, which led us to hidden shacks and huts. There are so many people in the town, you would never know they are there from the road!

We were all a little nervous at first to pray out loud, but soon we all jumped in and took turns sending up prayers on behalf of the people for provisions to buy clothing and rebuild their homes, for their families, for healing (both physically and spiritually), for comfort after the passing of loved ones, for renewed strength and faith in God, and many more.

I felt especially moved by one home we visited where we prayed over 4 different people individually. It seemed as soon as we would finish and say “Au Revoir”, another person would pop out from behind the door. As we prayed over the last woman needing prayer for healing from a yearlong ailment, she then asked if she could pray over us. She thanked God for bringing us to her and for His blessings over our group. It was a truly special moment.

We even had an opportunity to pray over the pastor of the church we’d been visiting for the past 2 days. What an honor to pray a blessing over him and his wife, his children, the church and his ministry.

Upon returning to the church, Sue, Trey, May and Jeannette took turns presenting their personal stories of serving as the young children started to gather in the back of the church. Word had spread quickly through the town that we were there and had given out bracelets the day before. Wanting to reach these children with our love and attention rather than focusing on something we could hand out, we led them across the way to a shaded area and sat them down for story time. The circle of children continued to grow as more and more came to see what was happening! The way these little ones care for each other is just amazing to witness! Some would gather leaves to distribute to the others to sit on. Some of the older ones were caring for and holding the younger ones. As the stories went on about the 12 disciples, how Jesus fed 5000, and the Good Samaritan, they were captivated by our very animated interpreter Vanessa! “Oui!”, “Amen!”, “Jézee!” Sweet music to our ears!

As we loaded our “Built Haiti Tough” yellow school bus to leave and drive away, I felt we not only took with us a part of the community (in our continued prayers), but that we are leaving a piece of our hearts there as well.     — Alissa Van Arnam