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Posted by on May 12, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Spring 2015 FA – Day 4 – “BHT” (built Haiti tough)

Greetings Family, Friends & Supporters!

The Lord has safely delivered us to the end of our 4th day in country. After a long and hot day (so far the hottest) the team although physically drained, definitely remains emotionally and spiritually fit! We are developing a closer bond with one another as each day passes and we are really feeling God’s presence everywhere as we are blessed with this incredible opportunity to serve.

Today started out with the sound of rain on the roof and after a peek outside the wet ground and active drizzle it seemed certain rain attire was appropriate. Well, after after breakfast I was back in shorts and a t-shirt as the clouds were gone and the sun was blazing. As Dave would say “TIH” (this is Haiti).

We met the youth leaders up front for an 8am pick-up in our all-terrain vehicle, a yellow school bus, to head to the church in Arniquet. There we would be meeting Pastor Sam and the high school students to participate in a conference where our team will be speaking on how God has called us to serve. That school bus sure did the job, and made it through a flowing riverbed and rough rocky terrain all the way to the church. That thing was “BHT” (built Haiti tough) I made that one up…just now.

We arrived to the church with a warm welcome and were informed we had about an hour before we were on to speak. So the team took a long hike, braving the heat, through the town of Arniquet. We noticed locals in their front yard working, livestock grazing and that familiar scent of charcoal fire used for cooking in the homes. We were dodging motorcycle traffic left and right as well! It seems that is the most practical mode of transport because of the rocky roadways. While on our walk we stopped and talked to a man who was sewing on a foot pedal powered machine. He said it was his trade and he showed us some of the handmade pieces he had in progress. They were beautiful.

We returned to the church and prepared for our portion of the conference. The purpose of our message was to demonstrate the way that God has called each of us to serve using our personal stories to draw examples. Susan, Ashley, Sue, Laurie and myself all shared with the students while Pastor Sam Translated to them in Creole. It was apparent that the students were attentive and receptive to our message and that the Lord was working in amazing ways inside that church today. It just goes to show that GOD can bridge the gap between all barriers both physical and spiritual. Today it seemed like we were all speaking the same language.

After the message we all shared a meal. Can’t get enough of those red beans and rice! And those ice-cold sodas from the tall glass bottles really hit the spot when the sun is highest in the sky. After lunch we noticed the younger neighborhood children gathering around the church after school to see what the commotion was all about. So the girls (Jeanette, Alissa, May, Ashley, Laurie, Alycia) set up a bracelet making station and for them and it was a huge hit! They couldn’t make them fast enough for all the kids who showed up. The children loved it!

BraceletsShortly after the bracelet party, the conference ended for the day and we loaded up onto the super bus and headed back to the hotel. Once we arrived, we couldn’t get into our bathing suits fast enough. That was the most refreshing dip in a lukewarm swimming pool I have ever had. After a short rest and a much-needed shower we all sat together for dinner. On the menu tonight was mashed potatoes, spicy slaw, beets & carrots, plantains, pork, fresh conch and something we haven’t tried yet; red beans and rice. It hit the spot. Just don’t get that Louisiana hot sauce in your eye; its stings.

We just finished our daily de-brief and had a team devotion from Philippians 2:1-4. We will continue to try and imitate Christ’s humility while on this adventure and carry these values home with us to continue to serve like God has called us. This has already been an unforgettable experience and we are excited to continue to share it with you all as we continue on. Much love from Haiti. Goodnight.     — Trey Glennon