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Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Spring 2015 FA – Day 2 – Take Me to Church


First Picture: One of our first arrivals at church today was this sweet little one in a beautiful white dress. Shy, but super friendly, she got her worship on today with our team as we praised God…Haitian style. The team was dispersed throughout the crowded church and we all closed our eyes and enjoyed the little voices coming together to fill the room with songs of worship and praise. Few things melt one’s heart like the voices of children in chorus. God was surely present today, and our team had a very special service.

Second Picture: This special moment really sums up the entire day spent with the little ones. Ashley and one of the boys were listening to our conference and just enjoying the gentle touch of a hand. There were many moments like this as we played games, taught a “Love yourself” bible school, and engaged in some really neat crafts with the 52 kids.

We spent the entire day at the Glory Glory center, had two church services, four of our courageous team members gave their testimony, and we spent a bit of time sharing what Mariners’ outreach is all about. For certain, we changed some thinking, as many simply view us as the ‘rich’ Americans who come to visit. When they hear some honest and hard testimonies, and an explanation that God calls us to this work, which is hard on families, resources and finances, I believe we changed some perceptions. We also encouraged them and made it clear that we receive as much from them as we bring.

Short blog for today because this author is super tired, but we promise more good stuff tomorrow. Please continue to pray for our team, our families and a safe time in Haiti. We miss you all.

Peace, Dave