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Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Faith Adventures

Spring 2015 FA – Day 1 – We’re Here!

First, praises to our Lord and Savior for safely delivering us to Haiti. We are checked into our hotel, everyone is heading to bed, and we are super tired, but very eager for this week. We cannot wait to see how God shows up once we make some space.

Some of today’s highlights:

1) The bus ride, which normally takes 4 hours today took 6.5. No worries, just gave us more time to think and pray. Although a few hours less on the kidneys would have been just fine. We just felt bad for the guy who rode on the top of the bus the entire way down, protecting our luggage from low hanging tree branches!

2) Dinner, Haitian style: beans and rice, chicken, conch, pikliz, tomatoes, and good old fashioned Louisiana hot sauce. Tomorrow we are having a late lunch and one of our members suggested we have a light dinner…NO WAY! There was rebellion and we are looking at a repeat for tomorrow’s dinner.

3) Seeing Pastor Sam, Venel and Mono. These guys are simply awesome, and what a treat for the team to meet them in Haiti. They rode with us to Torbek, and we are excited to spend more time with them.

4) The plans, they are a changin’…Yup. We were in country a sum total of 5 minutes when we got the news that our meticulously laid plans would need to be altered. Ha!!! No big thing…TIH (This is Haiti)!! Made for a very fun evening after dinner.

5) WE HAVE INTERNET!!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT! But don’t tell the team, as we want them to unplug and let God do His stuff. We will likely have one internet party whilst we are here to give everyone a chance to touch base with loved ones.

Thank you for sharing your family members with this team. They are a special group of folks who all have special talents and gifts, and God is going to use those gifts. Please continue to pray for our team, our families, friends and our Haitian brothers and sisters. Much love from us to you.

Peace, Dave