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Posted by on Mar 7, 2015 in Faith Adventures, Financial Sustainability, Haiti Ministry, Kids at the Glory Glory Center

The Glory Glory Center Strives for Sustainability

Five Years in Five Photos — Part 4 of 5

It’s been 5 years since that terrible day that shook Haiti to its core. Disaster relief and reconstruction has come to an end, and the 52 children of the Glory Glory Center are thriving. Today, Pastor Samuel, in partnership with Mariners Church, is focusing on making the Glory Glory Center financially sustainable.

Chickens are the first of several sustainability initiatives for the Center. In December 2014, twelve “Men of Mariners” traveled to Haiti to construct three chicken coops. Raising chickens at the Glory Glory Center accomplishes several goals: 1) cost reduction (the Center provides its own protein, reducing grocery expenses), 2) income generation (surplus can be sold in the market), and 3) skills development (for the children who help with the chickens). Later this year, Sam expects to add “alley farming” to the chicken initiative, whereby chicken “poop” will fertilize the soil where a variety of crops will be planted.