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Posted by on Mar 7, 2015 in Haiti Ministry, Kids at the Glory Glory Center

Pastor Samuel Metelus Embraces 52 Children Orphaned in the Quake

Five Years in Five Photos — Part 3 of 5

Within days of the earthquake, children began to arrive at the Church of God by Faith in Carrefour. Most of these children were orphaned in the quake. Some were dropped off by grieving families who simply were no longer able to care for them. Pastor Samuel agreed to take responsibility for them all, and for the first few months, these children were placed in the temporary care of church members.

As the church in Carrefour began to rebuild, its elders agreed that it would be healthier for the children to grow up in a rural environment, away from the crime of the city. As plans were made to purchase a plot of land in southern Haiti on which to build an orphanage, 26 of the children were relocated to Port Salut (200 miles to the south) while the other 26 (infants at the time) remained in Carrefour. It was at this time that Mariners Church came alongside the Church of God by Faith to help purchase a 2.5-acre property in Valere, Haiti. Purchased in September 2012, the property now boasts four dorms, a water well, electricity and plumbing, kitchen, chicken coops, sheep and goats, and a medical clinic…as well as all 52 children who were reunited in September 2014 and who now call the Glory Glory Center home.