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Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in Haiti News & History, Videos

Haiti’s Second Hand Clothing Trade

Haitihub is one of my favorite blog sites. Earlier this year, I was captivated by a series of posts about storytelling and photography in Haiti, written by Erin Nguyen. A few days ago, I received another of Erin’s posts in my in-box, this time about Haiti’s Pepe Trade.

Pepe is the local term for the second hand clothing sold by merchants in the small shops, stands and displays along the streets of Haiti. An entire market has been built up around the importation of clothing from American thrift shops and charities. We too participate in this trade in a way. Every time we send a team to Haiti for a faith adventure, we take bags full of donated clothes for the children at the Glory Glory Center. Now, as we begin to work seriously with Pastor Samuel to develop sustainability initiatives that will produce an income for the orphanage, we’re considering a sewing business as the first enterprise. Samuel envisions contracting with local schools to sew school uniforms…which are specifically mentioned in the video above. To learn more about Haiti’s Pepe Trade, I encourage you to watch this four-minute video, and then share your thoughts with me by adding a comment below. —SUSAN WATKINS